Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snow Flake Door Frame

I stole this idea from Pinterest.
It was so fun to make!
I made one for my door, and then made 4 more for my husband to give to his secretaries.

What you need:
Frame (this one is 11X 14)
Spray Paint
Glue Gun
And  ornaments

1. Take glass out of frame.
2. Spray paint frame.
3. Cut ribbon at different lengths
3. Run ribbon through the ornament.
4. Glue Ribbon on the back of frame. Start with the middle ribbon first.
and then Glue the other two some what close to the middle ribbon.
5. Tie a bow, Glue it to the top of the frame.
6. Cut an extra piece of ribbon, make a loop with it (this is how i hung it to the wreath holder)
Glue it to the back of the frame.

I really want to make one for Valentines, or St. Patty's day!! I think it would be so cute!!!!

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