Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It has been a while........

Wow!! Have I been Busy. 
I have Twin Baby Boy Grandson's Mayson and Anthony. They are 5 months old. They are my Heart and soul!! They are growing way too fast. 
I Have slowly been getting back in the swing of things, and getting back to business. 
I have been busy with Custom Orders. Which, I love, love, love!!! 
Custom orders make me think outside the box... They bring out a lot of creativity. 
I have been working on a custom order for Gay Pride Key Chains. Here is the start of them:

My next Custom order that I have been working on is for a Friend. Her niece is a Softball Player. Softball is her life.

My Favorite on is the Purple one: "Forget the glass slippers this Princess wears cleats"

I hope that My Friends Niece loves them!!!